About Deepthinker


One step wider, one step deeper.
With a multitude of layers of thoughts in our head.
Observing, exploring and solving the mission.


Everyone who visits our shops.
And all the content creators who make and experience our themes.
We are all Thinkers!

Deepthinker Escape Room in Seoul


Introducing Deep Thinker’s mascot, “Thinkie”.
호기심 가득 찬 띵키는 궁금한 건 절대 못 참아요.
좋아하는 것은 수수께끼, 레몬 맛 젤리, 따뜻한 포옹.
Thinkie jumps whenever it’s in a good mood after solving a puzzle!


방탈출카페 딥띵커와 함께 할 가맹점주님을 모십니다.

Ready to escape?

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1. 성인보호자 없이 초등학생끼리의 체험은 절대불가합니다.
(만 12세 이하는 반드시 보호자 동반 필수)

2. 매장 내 홀이 협소합니다.
게임 중인 일행을 기다리거나 예약시간보다 30분 일찍 방문하시는 것은 불가하다는 점 양해부탁드립니다.

1. Elementary school students will not be allowed to play the game without a guardian. (Under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a guardian)

2. Our reception area is very small.
You are not allowed to wait your group or come more than 30mins earlier than your play time.